Wind energy:
We plan and develop base frames, sheet metal hood structures, traverses, transport devices, towers and foundations, production tools and assembling aids.

Steel engineering for specialized use and mechanical engineering:
We develop handling tools for the bulky parts of steel manufacturing, as well as specialized machines for both the plastics and food industries.

Steel construction:
One of our core competencies; STATIKWERK GmbH excels at the design of steel structures, from architectural structures to high capacity lifting beams and lifting gears. Solid material constructions: We plan machine foundations, domestic buildings and industrial facilities.

Solid material constructions:
We plan machine foundations, domestic buildings and industrial facilities.

Expert Assessment:
We provide advisory opinion in cases of damage and liability cases. The proceedings and affidavit (evidence) procedures are based on, and fully compliant with, German law: § 485 ff ZPO.


We design and plan non portable and portable cranes as well as conveyor systems for flow shops and manufacturing.

STATIKWERK GmbH offers structural analysis for low-floor vehicles and heavy load handlers.

Airport technology:
We deliver optimized, static-constructive solutions for lifting devices, production load bearing suitability and we also offer load bearing capacity calculation services.

Our record of success is clearly demonstrated by our project portfolio and our numerous accreditations demonstrate professional as well as technical expertise in engineering. STATIKWERK GmbH is a privately held firm headed by Jörn Küwen, a graduate of the prestigious University of Applied Sciences (FH) Dortmund, School of Engineering. Mr. Küwen serves as the General Manager of STATIKWERK GmbH as well as a consultant engineer and structural engineer to several German chambers of engineers.

Registered advisory engineer of the Chamber of Engineers (IKNW)
Registered structural engineer in the Chamber of Commerce of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), Member of the Chambers of Civil Engineers North-Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)
Notable Highlights:
Experience in the steel construction industry since 1987.
1995: Expansion of structural engineering expertise into the fields of concrete and composite construction. Construction of bridges projects, cranes, civil engineering, soil engineering as well as mechanical engineering projects for wind turbines, foundations, and more.
November 2004: Successful completion of more than 650 static and construction work projects.

We offer a wide palette of advisory, design and construction supervision services in the fields of wind energy, civil engineering projects and solid material construction.

We offer expert assessment, structural analysis and construction support. We supply the complete documentation from sketching and drafts to component and production drawings; including equipment overviews and part lists necessary for implementation. We would be pleased to support your project by providing construction and/or production supervision.

Design and development of engineering projects, expert assessment, structural analysis. Construction site management, construction supervision, FEM-analysis, expert review and assessment.
Scope of Service:
Components and overall systems of automation machines; steel engineering for special purposes and heavy parts; vehicles and automotive engineering; Base frames (WEA); lifting beams and auxiliaries (both off - and onshore)