Welcome to STATIKWERK GmbH!

STATIKWERK GmbH offers a full range of engineering services for the steel and solid material construction industry. We bring in-depth project expertise from project planning, contractor and engineer consulting, to efficient site supervision. STATIKWERK GmbH is a valuable project partner. Since our incorporation in 2004 we have been on the cutting edge of wind energy construction with both onshore and deep water offshore contracts. Additionally, we are pioneering new approaches for manufacturing precision components as well as creating innovative foundations for supporting complex, non-static loads.

Due to the complexities of these cutting edge technologies we advocate an integrated design process, with project assessment as an integral part of our approach. Our engineers (EWE) and welding technicians thoroughly assess and vet the production-suitability of all sophisticated constructions.

In recognition of the increasing international integration of engineering and construction projects, STATIKWERK GmbH is fully committed to meeting the documentation needs of our international partners. For this reason we offer document preparation in both German and English.

In recognition of the growing demand for all companies to reduce environmental impacts, STATIKWERK GmbH embarked on an internal efficiency and optimization project in 2009. One result of this was the relocation of our headquarters into a sustainable location that is highly accessible in central Rheine. Now operating out of a well respected and recently updated 19th century building with excellent rail and bus access, we have been able to expand our project capacity. Our current workload is vast, with more than 100 projects annually from wind energy design and construction to structural engineering and solid material construction projects. Our team is dedicated, possesses decades of engineering and project management experience with a proven track record of success. All of this precision engineering as well as our results-oriented approach is at your disposal when you work with STATIKWERK GmbH.

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