Onshore Wind turbines

  • Drafting, pre-measuring and constructing a supporting device, welding construction 2.2 MW (C)
  • Construction of a supporting device 2.0 MW, welding construction (C)
  • Optimizing production-suitability of a supporting device, welding construction 1.8 MW (C)
  • Expert Assessment on developing a generator frame 0,9 MW (S/C)
  • Expert Assesment on the foundation structure of a 2.0 MW WEA (S/C)
  • Tower slewing crane in a nacelle, payload approx. 200 kg (S/C)
  • Production drawings of a WEA 1.0 MW (C)
  • Drafting, measuring and constructing different smaller part in a WEA (S/C)
  • Device for sliding the gearbox in already mounted WEA, payload approx. 39.0 tons. (S/C)

S: structural analysis
C: construction, i.e. draft, drawing of subassemblies, assembly - and production drawings, overviews, part lists, etc.